How can I learn about managing Canvas Assignments?


What It Is:

Create a graded assignment to enable student to submit work and automatically add a column to the grade book. 
Conversely...if you want a column in the grade book, you have to create an assignment and publish it. 

 Why It's Awesome:

  • All about the Settings: edit the assignment settings to meet your needs
    • Use the "On Paper" or "No Submission" to enter grades for classroom work. Use this if you do not need students to submit anything online but want to maintain a grade book in Canvas. 
    • Have students submit work "online" or even to "external tools" such as Turnitin. Students can type their answers, upload files, create/upload audio/video submissions etc. 
  • Populates Calendar/sends Notifications: by setting a due date to an assignment, this due date will automatically show up in the Syllabus, Calendar and on the "To-Do" list on the Home Page.

Ways to Make It More Awesome:

  • Restrict file types in online submissions to streamline file submission types that students can attach.
  • Accept multimedia assignments by enabling media submission type.  
  • Add a rubric for clear student expectations and easy grading.
  • GoogleDrive/OneDrive Cloud assignments options (if enabled by your institution.)
  • Easily duplicate Assignments from the vertical three dots options menu in Module view.
  • Engage students in collaboration with Peer Review assignments.

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