How can I utilize Canvas Modules?


What It Is:

Modules is where you can build, structure, and set the flow of your course.  You are encouraged to use the Modules area to add and design course content.

Why You Should Use Modules:

  • Flexible structure: create Modules (think folders) in the way you regularly structure your course; these can be weeks, units, chapters etc. 
  • Flexible content: add AssignmentsQuizzesPagesFilesDiscussions, External URLs, External Tools (such as Google) and much more to each Module.
  • Easy to customize: reorder your Modules and the individual items within the Modules with easy drag and drop interface.
  • Create course flow: students see a "Next" and "Previous" navigation button to guide them through the items in each Module.

Ways to Improve Your Course Design:

  • Add prerequisites and requirements to guide and control students to experience the course the way you planned it.
  • Use text headers and indentations to visually organize content within a Module. 
  • Lock Modules to open up automatically on a set date.
  • Personalize learning experiences for students using MasteryPaths within the Modules.
  • Modules can be duplicated.

Want more? Explore these Canvas Guides for more info:

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